The Script featuring Will.I.Am"Hall of Fame" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Sony
Under This featuring Goldillox" Shinedown" (Seth Vogt Breaks RemixiBreaks
Seal"Best of Me" (UK Radio Remix) - UK Radio is: AK1200, Hamel, Seth Vogt, GoldilloxWarner Brothers
Burufunk"Feelings Right" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Shiznit
69 Boyz VS DJ Kool"#ShakeRattleRoll" (Dustin Hulton & Seth Vogt Remix)Rat Records / M-Toxin
Quadrat Beat"Hollywood" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Expand Records
Mezo"The Comforter" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Ego Lab
Sporty-O"Topless" (Seth Vogt's D-Bag House Remix)ILLeven Eleven
Avlish"Hot & Spicy" (Seth Vogt Sweet & Sour Remix)M-Toxin
Bad Boyz of Breakz featuring Zaiter"Droppin' That Funk" (Seth Vogt Remix)K5 Music
AfroWhitey"Walk Away" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Static System
Deekline, Sporty-O, Dustin Hulton, Yo Majesty"I Like Girls" (Seth Vogt Remix)Rat Records
Adam Flurk featuring Goldillox"Fantasy" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)M-Toxin
AfroWhitey"Control" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Static System
Journeyman VS Barrcode"Broken Chords" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Digital Sensation UK
Michael McNabb"Dirty Nights" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)M-Toxin
Avlish"Liquid Fabrix" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Sweet Science
Dream Warriors"My Definition" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)Def Jam
Michael McNabb"Trauma" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)M-Toxin
Goldillox"Mr. E" (Seth Vogt Remix)M-Toxin
Goldillox"In It Again" (Seth Vogt Breaks Remix)M-Toxin
Doman & Gooding Feat. Cassie Davis"Hit The Lights" (Seth Vogt Remix)?
Etienne Futur"Ou'est Le Disco" (Seth Vogt Remix)PH Recordings (Porterhouse)
D:Fuse & Mike Hiratzka"In Suspense" (Seth Vogt's Early Morning Remix)Lost Angeles
Goldillox"Heartbreaker" (Seth Vogt Breaks Mix)M-Toxin
Dustin Hulton & Nikki Carabello"Something About You" (Seth Vogt Remix)Static System
Jay Sustain"Diphda " (Seth Vogt Remix)Undermine
Dustin Skiles & Breana Skiles"A Little Love" (Seth Vogt Remix)Static System
South Rakkas Crew"Robots Revenge" (Dustin Skiles & Seth Vogt Remix)Marine Parade
Doman & Gooding Feat.Heather Bright"Back to Life" (Seth Vogt Remix)Heaven
Chris Domingo Feat. Isabell"Get You On" (Seth Vogt Remix)DB Records
Paolo Barbato"Fuel Your Life" (Seth Vogt's M-Toxin Remix)Airplane Europe
Pop Shuvit"Piece of the Pie" ( Seth Vogt Remix)Shuvit Management
DJ Keri"Beautiful Girl" (Seth Vogt Remix)Good Pussy
Josh Money"Deep Set Diver" (Seth Vogt Remix)DNF Music
Ian & Constantine"Island Hopper " (Seth Vogt Remix)M-Toxin
Black Light Burns"Lie" (Seth Vogt Remix)I:AM Wolfpack / M-Toxin
LP"Clique" (Seth Vogt's House-Broken Remix)Shiznit
Britney Spears"Piece of Me" (Seth Vogt Remix)Jive
D-Lerium & Faze featuring Darling Nikki and Josh Money"Hanger Slap" (Seth Vogt & Joel Roman Remix)DNF Music
Justin Timberlake“My Love” (Seth Vogt Remix)Jive
Korn“Coming Undone” (Seth Vogt & Bill Hamel Remix)Interscope
Quivver vs Audio Magnetics“Digital Music” (Seth Vogt Remix)Boz Boz
Rihanna“Unfaithful” (Hamel's Vocal Remix)Def Jam
Britney Spears“Do Somthin'” (Seth Vogt’s Anti-Stress Remix)Jive
René Amesz“Fragile” (Hamel and Vogt's Audio Magnetics Remix)Little Mountain Recordings
DJ Keri“Skywalking” (Seth Vogt's Seasitting Remix)Good Pussy
Marek“Thin Skin” (Seth Vogt’s Rigor Mortis Remix)Sunkissed
Ryan Szarko“Human Movement” (Seth Vogt’s 007 Remix)Sunkissed
Jimmy Van M“E.C.I.P.S” (Seth Vogt’s Siamese Remix)Fluid Sessions
Alicia Keys“Karma” (Seth Vogt’s Nu Skool Remix)J Records
Craig David“Flava” (Seth Vogt’s Rocket Pop Remix)Atlantic
JC Chasez“A.D.I.D.A.S” (Sleeper Cell Remix)Jive
JC Chasez“Some Girls” (Seth Vogt’s Go Go Remix)Jive
Andy Ling“Calling Angels” (Seth Vogt’s 2003 Breaks Mix)Fluid Sessions
Justin Timberlake“Cry Me a River” (Seth Vogt’s Overflow Remix)Jive
Trina feat. Tweet“No Panties” (Seth Vogt’s Thermostat Remix)Atlantic
Usher“U Remind Me” (Seth Vogt’s Amnesia Remix)Arista
‘N Sync“Space Cowboy” (Seth Vogt’s Sci-Fi Remix)Jive
‘N Sync“It’s Gonna Be Me” (Seth Vogt & Bray Merritts’s 1:45 Remix)Jive
WyClef Jean“Perfect Gentleman” (Seth Vogt’s Anxiety Dub)Columbia
Anthony Pappa“Void” (Seth Vogt & Lacy’s Zero Hour Remix)Twilo Recordings
IIO“Rapture” (Seth Vogt’s Midnight Dropzone Remix)Twilo Recordings
95 South“Wet -N- Wild” (Seth Vogt’s Mythic Club Remix)RCA
69 Boyz“Get On Your Feet” (Bass Junkies Remix)Atlantic
Original Productions
69 Boyz VS Seth Vogt featuring Goldillox"Bass, Beats, & Bodegas"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt featuring Goldillox"Flip The Switch"M-Toxin (Remixes by Colombo, Lo IQ?)
Seth Vogt featuring Goldillox"Lost"M-Toxin (Remixes by Under This)
Seth Vogt"Overlook"Sweet Science
Seth Vogt & Dustin Hulton featuring Thrill Da Playa (of the 69 Boyz)"Rockin With The Best"M-Toxin (Remixes by Johnny Dangerously, Michael McNabb, Derek James, Dubsapiens)
Goldillox featuring Thrill Da Playa & DJ Seth Vogt"Swagger"M-Toxin (Remixes by ILL DJ Chris B)
Seth Vogt"Southbound Control"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt"Northbound Lights"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt featuring Thrill Da Playa (of the 69 Boyz)"So Much Bass"M-Toxin (Remixed by The DOM, Dustin Hulton, T.A.R.D., Miami Ski Team)
Seth Vogt"Last Night In Vegas"M-Toxin
Chris Hand & Seth Vogt featuring Goldillox"Depths of Me"Knightlife (Remix by DJ Micro)
Seth Vogt featuring Goldillox"On Your Own"M-Toxin (Remix by DNF)
Seth Vogt & Constantine"Houseflyz"M-Toxin (Remix by T.A.R.D.)
Joel Roman & Seth Vogt"Cure Is Poison"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt"Don't Turn Away"M-Toxin (Remixes from South Rakkas & Oracle)
Seth Vogt"You or the Music"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt"SPF 30"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt & DJ Keri"Fire 2 Ice"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt"Forever"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt"Got Me"M-Toxin
Seth Vogt featuring Maraya"Leave Me Lonely"Shiznit Remixes by BSOD (aka Deadmau5) and Fretwell
Seth Vogt feat. Sam Hyman“Eden”Shiznit (Remix by Oracle)
Hamel and Vogt“Outbreakz”Sunkissed
Seth Vogt feat. Sam Mollison“The Unknown”Sunkissed (Remix by Simon Noble of Breeder)
Seth Vogt“Take”(Unsigned)
DJ Clueless & Seth Vogt“Radio MT / In Your Soul”M-Toxin
Graham G“Dark Interior”Lost Grooves
Graham G“Twelve Years of Turbulence”Lost Grooves
DJ Clueless & Seth Vogt“The Effects of Silence”DB/Rhythm Flow
Sloane“Residual Self Image”(White Label)
Sam Mollison“Wasted Fields”First In Flight