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James Mercuri Says:

You should upload your Piece of Me Remix of Do somethin’!!!

Sticky Fusion Says:

Hey Seth, I feel like you probably won't actually read this but I figured what the heck. I recall years ago a posting of the Will I AM and The Script remix of "Hall of Fame" you did. Did that ever come out? I love that song and would love to hear it in its entirety. Its simply brilliant and a sad shame to only have that cut off preview to listen to over and over wanting more. Hit me back at

ohio Says:

Come to ohio

Genie Says:

When are you and the Goldillox going to play some west coast shows?

CBD Says:

Found you on sound cloud while searching progressive breaks. Yessss...mission accomplished.

Ashley G Says:

Romania Love Seth Vogt Breakbeats :-)

Lance Brasseaux Says:

I want to own ALL of your breakbeat tracks and mixes!!

J.B. Says:

I dig that \"Mic Check\" remix. Got a copy off iTunes.

Seth Vogt Says:

Hey Mark, That is up to Sony. Mark from The Script told me that they were planning on putting my remix on an upcoming Remix EP along with remixes from Avicii. We shall see. Thanks for taking the time to write. :-)

All the ladies..... Says:

You need more Hodak!

Mark Vincent Says:

Hey Seth! When are you releasing the Hall of Fame remix..?! Just found the clip on youtube but can\'t find the full track anywhere..? :(

Bezo Dine Says:

He likes wine.. He likes Wieyne!!!!

BBlader Says:

I realy like your DJ Sets and I\'d like to know, if there are any tracklists available for this. E.g. whats the title of the first song from Hypoxia?

Keep mixin\' :-D

BTW, I discovered lately \'Flip the switch\' featuring Goldillox (from Future Breaks mixed by Rick Tedesco) *I like* ^^

Dwight Smith Says:

Hey bro, sorry it\'s taken me so long to reach out. It was awesome to see you in A-town. I always dug working with you guys. Haven\'t seen the CCR cats in a while (I\'m sure it\'s still Wheel-O-Polar down there. Give regards to Phil and let me know when you\'re gonna be in town. Peace.

Mel B Says:

Hey. I am feeling the Hall OF FaMe remix is rad.

Seth Vogt Says:

Hey Kelley. I have a show on the 3rd, but will be in Chicago on the 10th. email me for details:

Kelley (Casting Producer) Says:

Hey there!
I\'m casting DJ\'s for season 3 for VH1\'s \'Master Of The Mix\'! I wanted
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We now need ALL MUSIC GENRES! everything from Dubstep, EDM, Hip Hop,
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Edelweiss Says:

Wow I just discovered your track Lost with Goldiloks on Oakenfold\'s recent Essential Mix. Love Love Love. I\'ll now be stalking your other tracks. COME TO AUSTRALIA.

fanboy Says:

That is quite the team working on that 69 Boyz album with you. Those joints r going 2 take over the charts.

Seth Vogt Says:

Thanks Rodney, Kata, , EE, and everyone else for your support. Always nice to know people are listening to my work. :-)

Rodney Says:

The very first track I ever heard that you were involved in was your rework of Jimmy Van M\'s \"E.C.I.P.S.\" - That was classic, and when I started following you. Thought I\'d drop a line and chime in that I appreciate you keeping the faith with the melodic atmospheric breaks. Excellent.

Euphoric Excursion Says:

You the man!

Kata Says:

Very much loving the breakbeats made by you.

angela Says:

we need more hodak swagger!!!!!

!!!! Says:

You know that you are kick ass!!!

Angela Says:

I am so happy to see that you have a website. I danced my ass off to your set at Vixen.

Joe Says:

Love your music! always has a killer atmosphere and great melody! Keep up the great work!

Seth Vogt Says:

Thank you Chris and Anton. Always nice to hear from people that enjoy my work.

Anton Says:

Hello from Russia! First time i\'ve heard you original Cellophane about 1 year ago. It\'s awesome. But i didn\'t know author and name of a track, because it was in a dj set. And only today I learned it.

Chris McCallum Says:

You are totally amazing and your work with Goldillox is mind blowing. I\'ve been out of the scene for a long time but I would love to come out and see you throw down.

Chad Says:

I will be there for next Saturday\'s HouseFlyz.

Jerry Says:

Lets get famous

Thomas Says:

Seth, we can\'t get that \"Let\'s Get Famous\" song out of our heads. Hook it up, hook it up!

Igor Says:

like very much but I can not nor where to find the following tracks: Paolo Barbato - Fuel Your Life (Seth Vogt\'s M-Toxin Remix) and
Seth Vogt - Take

Luis Says:

Houseflyz with Quivver! Thank you for bringing such talent to Orlando.

igor katoniy Says:

I love you music! Thanks!

michael m Says:

Dig the site.... Man you got a lot of great tracks!

cocoa mocoa Says:

I heard you are spending the weekend in Cocoa Beach! Any chance of us beachies getting a taste of Seth out? We would love to hear you bangin out one of your unbelievable sets as we pulsate in the ocean!

seth vogt Says:

Send me an email Rick and I will hook you up.

Rick Tedesco Says:

Seth, what\'s good. I have been trying to find the Coming Undone remix for sometime noe and have had no luck :( I will be doing a set on August 24th for and would love to work this in. Please let me know where i can find this track.

All the best...

Jumanji Says:

The new set is Kick Ass!!

C.G. Says:

I enjoy your music. The remixes of Cellophane are all great. Thank you.



Tanya Says:

I heard you DJ for the first time last weekend at Suite B. Great music. I hope to catch you again soon.

stan the man Says:

Your new remixes of On Your Own are rad!

ayayay! Says:

oh how you rock! i heart your mixes!! Im dancing in my living room!!!

thomas walters Says:

i would just like to say that you are awesome man... i plan on seeing you and sander @ club firestone on march 21. i plan to be VIP and i would just like to see if i could get to talk you a little bit that night.. i\'m going to a recording arts school here in orlando and i would like to try and get some info from you guys. i love what you guys do and i plan on doing the same. so if you can please get back to me somehow, that would be great.. thanks man and keep tearin it up!!!

graffitilove Says:

graffitilove Says:

seth vogt dj mix wmc 04 please get me that set:( i cant fint it

Anoneemouse Says:

You are sooooo dope...n\' junk...

Blink Says:

Bleep beep zero One One.....

Costanza Says:

Can you do a remix for Art Vandalay?

The Great Carl Says:

Hey, want to smell my dick?

Graham G Says:

Hey man ..just downloading some of your mixes ...i have two gigs for you in england ..hit me up\'m going out to the pub to get really realy pissed now and then on to the club to get ....well ...u know!!!!


So glad to have you on the new track bro! ;)

Tanya Says:

You killed it tonight @ Vixen. Nice to have met you! Can\'t wait until your next show. Thanks.

Spartan Says:

Why don\'t you fix the lights? What\'s the matter...can\'t you fix them??
And what are we going to do about the hot spots?? Hmmm??? I suppose, NOTHING!

Chris Trautman Says:

If you\'re ever in Raleigh, NC look me up. Awesome website!

jonne.bananas,chicago Says:

I sorry if i missunder stood but i thought this is hate mail.why dont u and your long coat,tuba playn self go out side and play that game we talked about,you know,hide and go --ck your self.just kidding good stuff on you site thanks for your discs their great check you ltrr...

Grandma Laughlin Says:

Seth, did you get my on-line birthday card. I asked you for a picture of Dylan so tht I could pick him out at Blesses Sacrament Church.
Maybe you did not get it--please let me know--love ya

MOMq Says:

Seth, Happy Birthday! love, Mom

kidnoz Says:

diggin the new trax bro. wish you could come headline our night in denver.. I will play some of your choonz~ miss ya man

Seth Vogt Says:

Thanks Luis and Barley. Always nice to know people are feeling my music. Much more in the works!


Luis C. Says:

I\'ve never heard of you until I heard Jimmy Van M\'s ECI PS that you mixed, and I was like \"this is the best shit ever!\" then I kept listening to your dj sets and I was like, \"I was so fuckin\' wrong.\" I don\'t wanna say your stuff is the best shit ever b/c I feel that I am going to be proven wrong again sincerily soon as I keep listening to your music :)

IF YOU EVER COME TO CT, PLEASE DO STOP BY ROOM 360 IN HARTFORD OR ELEVATE @ ALCHEMY IN NEW HAVEN -- I would totally go see you there if you attend :)

bad dude barley Says:

You rocked it at Firestone. Thanks for the show.

:( Says:

You and Alex were the only thing good about Rhythm & Flow.

Suzanne G Says:

Thank you for the great music this past weekend at Firestone. You and Bill were AWESOME!!! Love all the tracks on here too. Thanks a million and looking forward to your next gig!!!

Jasmine L Says:

Such an ear and passion for music. Thank you for sharing love

Seth Vogt Says:

They work fine for me on 3 different computers and are working fine for quite a few others. Give it another try and if you are still having issues e-mail me @

ben Says:

hey, your penumbra, and toxicology sets are broken links! :( I\'m sad... please fix. Hope you are doing great my friend!!

Philly Chick Says:

maybe someday i\'ll get to hear you spin...

Purple Says:

We miss hearing you spln every weekend. Keep us posted on your new upcoming gigs.

Kolly McColeman Says:

Hi Seth! Can you send me the "JC Chasez - A.D.I.D.A.S (Sleeper Cell remix)" track. It's so important, cuz' I will be many parties, and I will be the dj, and It's the the best and most energetic what I've ever heard.
Post me a link this address: or Sent me the song on the same e-mail address. THX! Keep up the good work!


moo mama Says:

Thank you for the music you have shared all these years. I love you forever.

????? Says:

Keoki sucks ass. I really like what you play.

Kara Roberts Says:

Love the new DJ set. Thanks for having free downloads.

tara sweet Says:

I haven't heard a set like yours on Friday in a long time. Thanks!

human hormone Says:

hashy hash hashy hash! boom bap!

Seth Vogt Says:

A huge thanks to everyone who came out on Friday. Mad props to Seb Fontaine!!!!!

sho-tay Says:

Hola homes. Just a quick note to let you know that you KILLED it last Fri. at Rhythm n flow ( I think Seb was jealous ) . Keep up the bangin' work for real. I'm lovin it...

philty mo Says:

is that your peduncle?

philthy mo Says:

i pee'd in yer coffee

Seth Vogt Says:

I will be sure to get that one in for you then bro!!!

Jake Says:

Psyched to catch you finally - i'll be out to check you and Seb out tonight...drop that dirty south rmx of of the year so far imo.

Gryph Says:

New mixset is hot homie. Been bangin it at home, pissin off the neighbors.

Seth Vogt Says:

I have 2 new tracks that will be dropping on the Shiznit label in a few weeks. Remixes by Oracle and a few other surprises!!!!!

sammyT Says:

When you getting some new music out?

Greg-E Says:

If I don't feel the music, there is no reason to be there!

Shad Says:

Where are all the djs???????? We need to bring love and peace back to the streets of Orlando and rise up, RISE UP....feel the love, feel the music, feel the rhthym, feel my vibes. We of Orlando need to be all that we can, and love, be a dj forever and feel the beats 4ever!

Ace Says:

I think what people don't understand is that most D.J.s have to play to a certain crowd. Annnnnd put with lame reqests i.e. "Hey man, you got any Goldie? How bout Keokie?" Speaking of, did anyone catch k at Rhythm last week? Dreadful. Hey, you wanna hear beats? Check out my man Seth Vogt opening for Seb Fontaine On the 4th. of May. R&F see ya there.

sad-e Says:

Bring the beats back....uptempo fast beat is over.......bring back some slow funk

Q-bert Says:

Where are your beats? You used to drop some lines, now it is all flush.

Seth Vogt Says:

Happy Easter to you too!!!!!

KIM C Says:


John C. Says:

The Digital Music remix is fucking slamming man!!!!

get-o Says:

this is a really cool site.

SammyT Says:

Did KIM C say she was going to drop a "deuce"?

KIM C Says:


Seth Vogt Says:

PS: Alex and myself have some dope new tunes to drop on Friday at Rhythm & Flow. Would love to see you all there!

Seth Vogt Says:

What tracklisting are you speaking of? I would be more than happy to forward it to you.

Coz-an Says:

is there any possibility to review older(or any?) playlists by seth vogt? i would appreciate the tracklist of 22. august 2005 if anyone have ?

C-Doz Says:

Will you and Alex G be playing at Rhythm and Flow this Friday?

Maraya Says:

Dearest Seth,
Cudos to your Progressive Sounds review on "Digital Music". I quote: " Straightforward, well executed track suited for the midst of a peak time set". There, have I embarrassed my favorite D.J.?
See you at R&F.

Seth Vogt Says:

No one will be hotter or sexier until Hodak shows his face again. He is like Hansel... He is so hot right now!

Hodak Says:

Hey Kim, what's up? Long time no speak. I am really so over Seth. He is just so yesterday. I can't wait until someone hotter and sexier comes out! Where you living these days?

Charity Says:

You keep out doing yourself, you know. As this probably sounds redundant...I enjoy and appreciate all the long hours and hard work you put into your tracks. I love the new works...or well new to me, seeing I just got a chance to hear them. Hope 2007 is a great year for you!

KIM C Says:




Seth Vogt Says:

A big thanks for everyone's support in 2006. I could not have made it through without such great people in my corner. 2007 is going to be phenominal. I can feel such a great energy on the rise. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maraya Says:

hey babe. Merry Christmas Hottie. Thanks for bringin' John Graham to Flow last week. Too bad Orlando isn't ready for his bad ass sound. Anyway's , I look forward to this Friday, play your Justin Timberlake remix!

Seth Vogt Says:

Every friday... check the Tour Dates section....

sammy Says:

R u playing on Friday?

Chuck P the Masshole Says:

I heard Lewellyn and Anton are going to be in Orlando nxt week to check you out....

Desiree Says:

Are you doing R&F this Friday? I'd love to come see you. I think I still owe you a drink/apology/cashier's check for that time in South Beach...

John Says:

You tore it up last night at Flow!!!!!!

Hodak Says:

You coming to the XXXmas party??????

gary the retard Says:

why aren't you on myspace?? I want to be your myspace friend! We could then go live on a boat together. Until you are on there I'm going to call it cryspace because not having you as a friend is making me sad

Vince Trorry Says:

I love the site. Your tracks are amazing! Have you ever mixed any Nine Inch Nails. With your style I think you would rock NIN!

Jenn Sunnride Says:

I met you the other night at R&F. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for giving us a bboy night!

SummerB Says:

You rocked the other night. I didn't introduce myself, but I will next time. Thanks for the great night!

James Klayton Says:

I was at R&F on Friday night and was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the bad ass tunes!

Seth Vogt Says:

Thank you for all of your comments. Big ups to everyone who has been coming out to Rhythm & Flow on fridays. I appreicate the support that you give to Alex G and myself. Hope to see you all there next week.

The Grabulator Says:

Hey, It's DJ Sethponet! I had no idea you were a DJ, much less an awesome one!!

Take it to the flow..the sho flow
shiggity shiggity shwan (and dolphin)

Seth Vogt Says:

Peter I called and your mom answered. We're going out next week.

Peter Murphy Says:

Hey just wanted to see if you would mix one of my tracks? Please contact me at 9384727990421. Talk to my manager.

Skel Says:

Seth, you rock - I'm going to send you a fruit basket!!!

Niah B. Says:

Just a quick congragulations on your latest Riannah remix. I wish they would play it locally. Can I look forward to any originals soon?

Pete from UK Says:

When is pulseradio going to air a new Euphoric Excursion show?

Julie Says:

Your page looks awesome. As always I enjoy your sets.

Desiree Says:

What a shame my blurb was lost! I'd complimented you and Maraya in one fell swoop--it was glorious.

Here's a recap without my original (brilliant) prose and finesse: Your mixes are great for speeding/tailgating my way to work every morning and evening, and you really ought to post a photo of your beautiful fiancee. :-]

KIM C Says:

<3 BYE!

Seth Vogt Says:

Sorry everyone... due to some tech issues some of the Hate Mail was lost. Please feel free to re-express your anger and thoughts to me.

hodak Says:

I agree Seth, let the fish speak!

catfish Says:

I guess the hatemail is censored to further progress Seth's hate and compassion against catfish. Let the fish speak man!

Seth Vogt Says:

That is awesome Remi. Thanks for taking the time to write. My last name, Vogt is pronounced Voke as in Provoke. A big thanks to everyone who put comments on my site. You all keep me inspired. Peace!

Remi Says:

Yo man, I just heard "Outbreaks" on me satalite radio ( the Move) that track make me move man. Keep up yur good work man. By the way, how do you pronounce your last name?

Gryph Says:

One time, at band camp, Seth raped a catfish.

This is the source of his musical inspiration. Every beat, every tone, every's all about the catfish rape.

your maker Says:

jesus is lord.

Flea Says:

Hey man, I just wanted to let you know that you are defineatly my favorite D.J. when we pass through Orlando. You have the balls to play what matters most,. Thank you for the hard core honesty....

dave Says:

It was good meeting a while back. Your website kicks ass.

Seth Vogt Says:

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to Buddha Lounge and The Pour. I had an amazing time playing for all of you.

PS: I have never been to Seattle.

Dr. No Says:

You rock man. I will see your live set sometime. pees!

Ramen Says:

You were bad ass the other night man! Just bad ass. Thanks for giving me your website.

Ron Gibson - McCormick Place, Chicago Says:

Ok Seth, I heard your music at the bottom of your bio like you said. It sounds like the disco music I used to listen to every day on my lunch hour when I worked at the oil refineries in Whiting, Indiana. The difference is that your lyrics have substance in them. That is really what it is all about. The lyrics. Your thoughts go deep, beyond the subconcious and into the superconcious mind where words form the way people are. I know you are sincere. So am I. If you can market your materials properly you will be one of the great ones. Good Job!

Hollisterc Says:

I have finally made it to check out the site in all it's entirety. The mixes are awesome. Keep up the hard work, all your efforts show. I can't wait for more to hit us.

Charlie Murphy Says:

what's up man! Just stoppin by to check things out. This is Tight! congrats on your accomplishments man fo real!

Seth Vogt Says:

Damn it Goldberg!!!! Tucker and I have been trying to track you down. send me an e-mail to

Ron Gibson - McCormick Place, Chicago Says:

What's up Dude? Interesting reading. Interesting music. It's a lot different from all the soul, jazz, and gospel that I listen to, but it's very creative. I think it is good to listen to different types of music. It helps us to develop an understanding with oher people who we don't know. Keep up the good work. (Now I understand what you mean by "hate" mail).

Dr.G (Matt Goldberg) Says:

Hey Seth, haven't talked to you for sometime, looks like you're doing excellent. Still have many of your old mixes. I have yet to listen to your new stuff, just found this site and looking forward to listening to your work. Hope all is well! ....I remember Melissa Pfeifer, I had a bit of a crush. If indeed she's who I am thinking of. Hmmmmm?

Melissa Pfeifer Says:

Wow! Hi Seth. I'm not sure if you rememer me, but I'm an ol' friend from your Florida days. Probably one of a handful of girls you went to school with. You lived on in that little apartment, with the weird corner kitchen. I lived in the complex next door. Anyhow, it's great to see that you're doing well! Drop me a line,

Alex Sabre Says:

Hey buddy! If you're busier than I've been, then we both need clones! LOL Hey, just wanted to know the easiest way to get my Euphoric sets to you. I know you mentioned uploading them could walk me through that process. I haven't done that before. I need to get myself up to speed from a computer stand point. So bear with me on this and I learn fast. Thanks!

dj bankfries Says:

DJ Bankfries says, Chuck Norris is wack I will kick his butt in my finest pima-cotton slacks!
You need help on your bio, it's wooden like Chuck's acting. Stale like Mr. T's words.
I want to help, seeing as you have mad skillz. I will write you a new one, yo. I am a marketing machine (and a round-house-kick fiend in fine gabardine).

ho Says:

We are going to do dinner soon.....give me a ring.

Chuck Norris Says:

Chuck Norris says, "Need help for hire?", look no further, my guns are here!

kidnoz Says:

Might I be the first to congratulate you on having 10 GooGle pages completely devoted to you. I've got way too much time on my hands!!! Hope all is well in the sunshine state. PEAS

Bad Boy Says:

You rocked the other night, keep it up.

Maraya Says:

Hey man, just wanted to thank you for rockin tha hizzie the other night. Your Korn remix kicks dalisious bootie ( insert exclimation point). I'm looking forward to hearing you play at Crooked.... See ya soon baby. p.s. I love the scotch irish.

KIMC! Says:


Seth Vogt Says:

If you live in Orlando get down to Central Station tonight. I will do my best to play only the good records and wear the newest in stuffy Orlando fashion. See you there!

Chuck Norris Says:

Chuck Norris says Mr. T is a fake and I have my fists to prove it.

Justin Sidem Says:


Mr. T Says:

Stay in school, school is cool.

Dylan's piano teacher Says:

What a great site! Very impressive. I hear great things about your music from Dylan and your Mom. I am looking forward to hearing the CD that Dylan made with you. He really looks up to you. Candy

Aunt Sue Says:

Seth, I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments! Do you rememeber when you, Nate and I went to see "Willow"? The next time you're in town we need to go to Pizza Hut and then rent "Willow" and relive the old days! HA! HA! Ok, now seriously, you need to call your Aunt Sue. Love ya!

keith Says:

awesome site, awesome music, good work

Cal Says:


I listened to your music.

KIMC! Says:

HO-D-A-K? !

Chuck Norris Says:

Chuck Norris says, tread lightly Seth Trans Am is fast but my fists are faster!

Seth Vogt Says:

That's right Chuck. Because I keeps it real!

Chuck Norris Says:

Chuck Norris says there is no way I could beat up Seth Vogt, he is too powerful and wise.

N Dynamite Says:

I like your songs. They're real neat.

average white cow Says:


Danny Martinez Says:

The site is impressive, the two tracks are very cool, But I cant believe i was left out of the Bio. I thought we were boys.

Heather Olexa Says:

Your site is really good. Keep it real:)

hodak Says:

I speak russian.

maraya Says:

Hey babe, just wanted you to know that I like the way you speak Russian. Lets finish our track when you get back from your trip fo shizzle! I love you baby !

Charles Kennedy, Jr. Says:

Great site Seth. Love the demos. Now I just have to hear the originals! God bless you!

hodak Says:


maraya Says:

I just knew those black and white photos did you good!

anonymous Says:

great site !!!I need 2 come here 2 ur realm more often

Jeni Says:

You're awesome. ;] seriously....

NHF3 Says:

Great music goes with a great site.

Dahlkemper Says:

Ur music is saweet!!

Alex Sabre Says:

Wow! Love the site. Congrats! You're a very talented artist and its been an honor to work with you in the studio and on Euphoric Excursion. Give me a call since we'd like to finish up the new track and also find out your plans for WMC '06.

distrakted Says:

looks good bro !!!

Mark Houston Says:

keep rollin' Seth...Gimme a shout & lets talk about new photos for your site...

KIMC! Says:


K*E*R*I Says:

Seth - I like the new format of your site . . . very user friendly!!! Sending all of my best wishes for you this upcoming year . . . don't be a stranger mate.

Respectfully - K*E*R*I

Kevin Wiegand Says:

What's up Seth! Congrats on your website. I appologize for not getting in contact with you sooner but I lost my cell phone in Vegas over New Year's. Please call me so we can get together and finish the track we have been working on. My cell#407-948-8498.

Joel Roman Says:

Like the site. The audio player with all your tracks is cool too. Keep up the good work.

KIMC! Says:

ALL MY LOVE .......

Simon Says:

Stand on one leg and dance.

Grampa says: Says:

Don'''t unstand your music but coming from you it must be great. Your the best Love Grandpap

Grandma:Says Says:

Love your website:Don"t understand the music but you will always be #1
love Grandma

Sol.. Says:

Hey "F" u pal.. dammit u said this was hate mail so Im hatin'.. no but seriously.. Great job with the site. Great work as always. One of my fav Orlando dj's.. Looking forward to putting together the next Euphoric Excursion party @ Central...

Dangermouse004 Says:

Props on the site.... Best of luck this year....

Mucho respecto,

Terrie Caplan Johnston (boffyflow) Says:

WOW! You've come so far and there's miles to go before you sleep. I'll keep check'in out the sight

Atnarko Says:

Sight looks good G nice work !!

Miss Elaine Says:

Your site is wicked, as we say here in the U.K. Let us know if you ever want to check out the music scene in Manchester, U.K. Cheers!

Destiny07 Says:

It's so cool to be able to listen to some more of your tracks that I have never heard before! still ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new website!!

a swedish slut Says:

Nice site Seth. Keep dropping them beats and will keep walking the streets.

Gryph Says:

Seth Vogt touched me with his music. Inappropriately. There is a pending lawsuit.

But nice site, even if I will own it after the settlement.

SoLaRiO Says:

Nice site! You is the man thanks for all your help on Euphoric.

A Married Lady Says:

Seth, I have been following your career from the beginning. My husband and I have decided we are going to name our next baby after you no matter it is a boy or a girl. We love ya, man.

An Old Fan Says:

Hey, that b&w photo of you in the "PICS" section looks like it was shot in your bathroom.

Captain G.J.V Says:

When will you have a DVD featuring great dancing, lighting, cinematography and directing with an original sound track produced by you just for the DVD? I think it should be called: "Dancing Away a Warm Summer Night." What is your mother doing on this site? Shouldn't she be on the Joe Cocker site?

Dorje Says:

Niiiice dude....The site is kickin' :)

KiD NoZ... B Says:

Happy to see you in your own domain! this IS your year to shine my friend! Big Upz to the Metro West Massif!!
Love ya Mang!

Andy Warren Says:

SETH IS THE MAN. Everyone needs to wear protective gear, 'cause he's about to blow up all over the place in '06!

from Mom Says:

Congratulations! Your website is awesome! I'm emailing all my friends so they can check out your site. Did you mention the influence of your mother? LOL. I love you! Keep making the music! Mom